Since the New Year there are always positive meaning in the lives of Vietnam should most companies, enterprises, businesses, associations often celebrating New Year in the afternoon or evening last year to celebrate the work, the project is successful, the development, the company's growth in recent years, at the same time, welcome the new year is approaching. Therefore, for business people or offices, party New Year is also an opportunity for you to meet and interact with colleagues, especially colleagues in the other room are rarely met.

Therefore, just like every year, on 07.02.2018 (western calendar), Quoc Thanh Group decided to organize a party New Year is for all employees of the system, as well as colleagues, friends, partner Quoc Thanh. We believe that this program will create tremendous value in terms of the spiritual and the material for the new year 2018 full of success, for both National Bar Group and precious friend, partner of us.

Time: 3Am 07/02/2018

Location: Ocean Bar, 45 Bui Vien Street