Enjoy dramatic sports matches at the SPORT BAR CHAMPION

Owning a lively sound system with many modern screens and attractive menu, CHAMPION SPORT BAR – is the best place to enjoy the most exciting sports space in Saigon.

Ho Chi Minh City - a great destination, attracting crowds of local people and international visitors. In addition to the cultural center, cuisine, restaurants, Saigon is place where the convergence of bar systems, entertainment venues concentrate in with many services, attractive activities, in which we can’t mind the type "Sport bar" - where people can watch sports matches.

Are you looking for an ideal address to keep track of upcoming exciting matches? You do not know how to choose sports bars that ensure the technical standards, sound and space comfortable to meet a large number of customers? Come to the CHAMPION SPORT BAR, all your wishes will be met perfectly. With a sound system, modern screens and sports space, CHAMPION SPORTS BAR - the destination to enjoy the exciting international matches.

Something about the CHAMPION SPORT BAR

Being one of the most popular sports destinations in Ho Chi Minh City, CHAMPION SPORTS BAR - the ideal sports bar, which attracts hundreds of visitors to enjoy exciting matches.

Founded on 25.10.2017 with a location on the busy street in 37-39 Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, HCM City, the SPORT BAR CHAMPION was quickly attracted sports enthusiasts to select and visit by high quality from the modern presentation system and attractive menu with diverse dishes and fresh beer is placed in luxury space. All of these contribute to create an exciting sports atmosphere, catering for sports lovers in Saigon.

CHAMPION SPORT BAR - the ideal venue of exciting sports matches

With the goal of bringing a professional sports and modern space, CHAMPION SPORT BAR is constantly invested, equipped with sound system, screen combined with food/drink attractive menu and many diverse games to meet the entertainment needs of customers.

Owning a high-end audio system and large- small screen monitors in appropriate locations around the venue can show many different matches at the same time, the CHAMPION SPORT BAR- which satisfied the sports passion through the lively authentic atmosphere.

Not only that, the CHAMPION SPORTS BAR also has a large, spacious space, where friends and people with the same passion for sport can experience, share love, passion for sport in the most comfortable way.

Besides the careful investment from sound to sporting space, CHAMPION SPORTS BAR also attracts customers in a wide variety of food and beverage menus with a rich menu of Asian and European dishes. Finger food ... prepared by top chefs, with attractive draft beer menu served by professional style from the restaurant staff.

Especially with the CHAMPION SPORTS BAR, you not only enjoy the attractive games on the screen but also have the opportunity to experience exciting recreational games such as billiards, table tennis, darts ... to entertain and relax with friends.

CHAMPION SPORT BAR - Ideal sports venue for sports lovers.

For more information, please contact: (028) 3837 0447

Fanpage: https://facebook.com/ChampionSportBar.Buivien