LA CASA MEXICAN RESTAURANT – catering for tasty and qualifying Mexican dishes with a wide array of Mexican cuisine smell and professional serve.
Mexico has an elaborate cuisine of spice and it becomes one of the excellent cuisine which Vietnamese want to enjoy.
If you are keen on new, unique food or seeking a prestigious restaurant which has variety of dishes and bring you a Mexican space, La CASA MEXICAN RESTAURANT in HCM is the best choice for you. You will have a chance of tasting superb food. Each year, we serve thousands of guest including domestic customers and the foreign. LA CASA MEXICAN RESTAURANT is deserved the leading Mexican restaurant.

LA CASA MEXICAN RESTAURANT – a restaurant specializing in Mexican dishes with attractive menu.

It is a familiar address with domestic and foreign dinners, LA CASA MEXICAN RESTAURANT – prestigious restaurant, choice of thousands customer each year.

Founded from 30/4/2012 at 40A Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, Ho Chi Minh City, LA CASA MEXICAN RESTAURANT was born with purpose to meet taste Mexican cuisine demands in Vietnam of thousands of people who are keen on new and attractive smell of Latin America- a colorful country.

Passing a long operation, with the expand of scale and a wide array of dishes. Coming to LA CASA MEXICAN RESTAURANT, customers not only have chance of tasting many attractive dishes but also opportunity to enjoy relaxable moments in space which is designed as style: “tropical restaurant” with lively and colorful music from specific Mexican melody.

Besides, to meet cuisine demands of many customers, we also have Vietnamese, Western dishes and a variety of drinks: beer, wine, cocktail …

LA CASA MEXICAN RESTAURANT – success from prestige and quality

With wish of becoming a No.1 restaurant which specializes in Mexican dishes not only in Ho Chi Minh City , it continues to expand the trademark to other regions nationwide. We have a feeling of working with endless try to complete the most perfect dishes to customer.

By mean of owning talent chef team which expert on general cuisine and Mexican cuisine, with long experience and new creation in each dish, LA CASA MEXICAN RESTAURANT – a restaurant of tasty cuisine will sound pleasant to each customers.

Passing long-term development, by high quality of dish as well as professional serve, unique space, LA CASA MEXICAN RESTAURANT still maintains its leading position among restaurants serving Mexican dishes today.