Luca Pub & Louge – entertaining caste, privileging norm

With a luxurious and elegant space combined with perfect quality of serve, Luca Pub & Louge is deserved to be a top caste of entertainment destination.

When making reference of outstanding entertainment places in Tay Bui Vien, people just remember about the noise of dance floors, bars. However, you definitely can find a quiet and peaceful place to relax, typically Luca Pub & Louge. This below writing will provide you some remarkable features to understand why this bar owns greatest caste.   

Some remarkable features of Luca Pub & Louge:

Luca Pub & Louge is a well-known tavern in Ho Chi Minh City. It is established from 2010, it has taken 7 years from its foundation and development process, Luca Pub & Louge has attained a strong position it is now in. Besides, due to great benefits, it is claimed that Luca Pub & Louge to be top entertainment place.
It creates a good impression by an attractive interior design with the combination of green trees and violet led light. Guests can sense the cozy and intimate atmosphere which makes its space more luxurious. Luca Pub & Louge is now located at 03 Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, Ho Chi Minh City. Thanks to the prime position near the center of city Luca attracted a large number of guests to visit and enjoy relaxing moments here.

Luca Pub & Louge - Entertainment Level, Upper Level:

Despite not too large scale, Luca Pub & Louge still makes customers enjoy every visit because of its overall colorful and luxurious space. Sofas, and bartender counters are reasonably arranged so that guests are free to choose their favorite seats.

With gentle and luxurious design, Luca Pub & Louge still brings excitement and eventfulness of a popular entertainment venue. Having talent, enthusiastic and creative DJs, Luca Pub & Louge can completely make the atmosphere of the bar become lively and bustling in no less than any entertainment venue in Saigon.

Here are some of the highlights of Luca Pub & Louge. If you want more information about this restaurant, do not forget to contact for advice.

Hotline: 093 377 29 39