About Us

Quoc Thanh Group is the leading unit in the field of restaurant, bar, beer club, hotel, as well as attractive places of entertainment which serve thousands of guests each year.
In modern society, as the demands of health, fashion, beauty… are increasing, Cuisine also deserve people’s top great attention, especially the young. As no surprise, to meet all those demands of entertainment and relaxation in modern busy anxious life, Quoc Thanh Group becomes a place of entertainment and cuisine service through series of restaurants, bars, beer clubs, hotels and other entertainment sites….
Quoc Thanh Group – the first choice of thousands of customer each year

Quoc Thanh Group is one of familiar place which attracts thousands of guests each year; it is a prestigious trademark working in terms of restaurants, hotels with other centers and modern entertainment sites.

It is set up when the entertainment service weren’t popular in Ho Chi Minh City. After a strongly developing process, now, by an endless try, we are proud of owning many famous restaurants, luxurious entertainment places like: bars, beer clubs,… and a system of international hotel ratings.

Besides, Quoc Thanh Group is now continuing to broaden its business scope by working in the fields of real estate, securities, foreign joint ventures….

Founded and developed by business man Vo Quoc Thanh, its head office is located at 40/5 Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Up to now, thanks to a system of agencies established nationwide, Quoc Thanh Group has achieved an impregnable position in market regardless of undergoing long-term development and overcoming severe competition of  opponents working in the same fields.
Quoc Thanh Group and sustainable values:

Our tendency is becoming the leading trademark in Viet Nam in terms of entertainment, cuisine, business, finance to meet necessary demands of domestic customers. We have a feeling of working with high and conscientious spirit to perfect the best quality of service for customers. 

By mean of having professional staff and high-qualified system of material facilities, innovative equipment. By taking customer’s satisfaction as core basis in business, Quoc Thanh Group-a trademark of prestige, quality and caring.